Life’s Lessons

Prompt: Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you.

Yesterday was my little cousin’s senior prom and I can’t believe she is about to go to college.

When she showed up to my aunt’s house, she looked a mess. She is not at all a girly-girl and let’s just say it showed in her appearance. Being the older cousin, I picked with her a bit about how she looked. She simply said “I don’t care” and I believe her.

I admire the woman she is becoming. She is honest and comfortable in her skin like nobody I have ever met. She is who she is and always marches to the beat of her own drum. I love it.

Though I am older than her, I realize, that she has so much to teach me. Her life hasn’t always been easy, but if you met her, you could never tell.

Life has knocked her down on more than one occasion literally and figuratively, and each time she has gotten up, brushed off her hoodie and kept it moving.

Through her, I see that life will knock you down, but you have to get up. And get up gracefully if you can. I have learned that sometimes you will trust those who are untrustworthy and you have to learn the difference quickly before you get hurt. You also have to learn to forgive because holding onto hurt feelings is toxic and only hurts you. I have also learned that when life pushes you around, push harder.

Thanks J. for just being you.

What have you learned that school won’t teach you?

  • Jennifer

    Oh my, this is so beautiful. We’ve gotten really close over time and I absolutely love this.

    • She’s Facing Freedom

      I am happy that you like it. You rock!

  • This is everything: I have also learned that when life pushes you around, push harder.

    I learned that your thoughts affect every single thing you do so you have to be careful of the energy you put into something.

    • She’s Facing Freedom

      This is so true. Thanks for sharing.