Twenty Six Things That Made My Birthday Trip Awesome


I am one of those people who pretend that birthdays are just another day. Because of that, I really try not to make a big deal about it and don’t want others to do it either. But when someone does, it makes you feel super special and makes turning a year older soooo much better.

Two Sundays ago, I turned 26. And like most people, I thought that I would be more established and more sure of myself. I am not, but one thing that I do know is that I am really really blessed to have such an amazing support system. A support system that pushes me to realize my dream even when I am unsure if it is possible. A support system that gives it to me straight each time and tells me when I can do more. And a support system that would invite me to Mexico enabling me to have the. best. birthday. ever. What made it the best birthday ever, you say?

1. For starters, I turned 26 in freakin’ Mexico. What! What!

2. I met a group of really great travel agents who were a complete blast to get to know. We had some great laughs with two of the funniest couples I have ever met.

3. We had a mock bachelorette/bachelor party and I was a bride-to-be.

4. Then I was married off with a make-shift toga-styled dress made out of tissue paper, an elastic band and a veiled head band.

bday collage

5. I went to a hibachi grill for the first time and was purely entertained as the chef played with our food making hearts out of our rice and a train out of a ring of onions.

6. I mastered the art of a natural bun with Marley braiding hair. That is until a ferry ride from one of the resorts blew it over and made it unravel. I had to hold it the entire time, but I didn’t mind it one bit because the view was so refreshing.

7. I learned all about destination weddings and I really really think I want to have one. You know, a long, long time from now. Hehe.

8. I fell in love with Guac. Yum!


9. I saw the most beautiful beach that I have ever seen. I wasn’t able to enjoy it, but one day, I will return to that hotel and I will be in heaven. Guaranteed.

10. I named a baby sea turtle Martín and set him free into the ocean. I hope my little guy makes it.

11. I am very positive that Mexico has better ice cream than the US. The coconut and banana flavor was bomb.

12. I tried Mezcal, which is what we call tequila with a worm, at a Tequila Tasting and I may make the switch from vodka. It’s so much more interesting now that I know how it’s made. Yeah, ask me anything, I got it covered. I kid. I kid.


13. A Mexican girl personally sang happy birthday to me in a night club bathroom – a bit off tune – but I will totally take that. And I may or may not have sung to her more than likely very off tune.

14. Then, the entire club sang Happy Birthday to me and it was AWESOME!

15. That was after I was stalked by this older gentleman who I may or may not have gotten in trouble with his wife.

16. I traveled by a golf cart for the first time passing signs that warned about crocodiles. Insane. I know.

spa bday

17. I was treated to a spa day for my birthday. Well, it wasn’t actually for my birthday, but I will take that too. LOL.

18. I had the best service I have ever experienced at any restaurant and they sung Happy Birthday to me and another Libra mariachi style and I loved it!

19. I got the opportunity to wake up early enough, just after the sun began to rise, and revel in the beauty of the Moon Palace resort.

20. I laid in a hammock for the first time. It was only a couple of minutes, but it reminded me how simple and relaxing life can be.

mia and i

21. I received an email from a online publication in New York. And guess what? They want to know more information about me. Woot! Woot!

22. The boyfriend also fell in love with New York, which is where I urged him to go when I was in Mexico. That’s how you set a plan in motion.

23. I tried this strange-looking pink fruit called a Pitaya or Dragonfruit, which the server so coyly explained to my friend was an aphrodisiac. Really?! How is that relevant? *side eye*

24. I was able to quietly sit at a beautifully constructed pool and think about how far I’ve come this year. Taking the time to figure out what you want in life isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it and I can’t wait to see what is in store for the years to come.

25. I broke a $45 bottle of pure tequila. It wasn’t so great at the time, but you can’t sweat the small stuff. The experience restored my belief that I have everything that matters in life.

26. And last but definitely not least, I celebrated my birthday with somebody who I have known since I was fourteen and regardless of the bumps in our relationships, she has always been there. I don’t always tell her how much I appreciate her being in my life, but seeing how she went out of her way to ensure I had a good birthday really really made me grateful to call her a friend.

  • I’m so glad that you were able to bring your new year in, in such a big way! Teeequillllaaa, I chose you over vodka any day.

    • She’s Facing Freedom

      I enjoyed myself so much. I can’t believe I was actually in Mexico for my birthday. Crazy! And yesssss to tequila!