Love is in the air


Friday, I had a serious case of jitterbugs.

I was humming, dancing, and displaying very weird spurts of energy. I am pretty sure some of the customers thought I was hopped up on something, but they just laughed it off saying “I wish I had your energy.” I laughed and told them that I was about to get off and head to an engagement party.

When the clock struck 7 p.m., I hopped over the counter and raced to the consultation room. I had packed a small bag so all I had to do was slip off my khakis and change my shirt and shoes. I freshened up in the car with the deodorant I keep in my locker and the miniature bottle of perfume that came with my gift set that I got for Christmas. I pulled my hair out in the car because I had left my bantu knots tight so it would look fresh for the party. Then we hightailed on foot to the bar using a GPS because we had never been there before.

Inside, the place was packed and abuzz. Our friends immediately motioned to see my left hand since this was the first time everyone saw us since the engagement. I eventually found a seat and was sitting there telling some of the girls how the fiancé engaged when we heard our friend’s voice on the mic. That was our sign so we all rushed to the stage as he began singing, yes singing, to his girlfriend.

He told the audience about their journey and how they have known each other for years, but never dated. Apparently, she didn’t like him and if it wasn’t for her aunt, she wouldn’t have given him a chance. He told her how much he loves the life they share together and want to do it for the rest of his life, which immediately brought tears to her eyes. And everyone else’s. Even some of the guys said they understood why proposals made girls tear up.

It was a really really beautiful display of love and I am so happy we made it in time to witness such a monumental milestone in our friends life.

Don’t you just love a good love story? How was your weekend?

  • Aw man, the sap in me teared. That sounds so nice!

    • She’s Facing Freedom

      No worries, I so wanted to cry too. I can’t believe he sang to her and I am sure she will remember that for the rest of her life. Shoot, everybody at the event will.

  • Love—especially black love!—is such a beautiful thing! Thanks for sharing : )

    • She’s Facing Freedom

      I totally agree! It was such a beautiful event. I am so proud of him.

  • Serena

    This all sounds so beautiful…I’m so excited for everyone. Love is such a beautiful thing 🙂

    • She’s Facing Freedom

      I am smiling from ear to ear. It really is! Thank you so much for stopping by!