When I Was Abroad

Maybe it’s because I just finished reading “A House in the Sky” and the fact that I am preparing for a trip at the end of this month, but all I keep thinking about is my experiences when I was abroad

I found myself thinking the very same thing right before my birthday trip.

It’s something about the anticipation of traveling that helps me relive the experience of walking those streets in Buenos Aires probably looking for food. More than likely, that was in the form of empanadas, margherita pizza or Spring tarta (or pie) if I was in the mood for Argentine cuisine.

But every once in a while when Skype calls and AIM didn’t do it, I’d chalk up the money for an expensive turkey sandwich or a bag Doritos chips, which I don’t ever buy in the states.

When I was abroad, I lived with the cutest Argentine woman named María Celía and her son Jorge (George). She was a 63-years-old at the time and still working out as a yoga instructor. He was a journalist at a magazine.

We lived in what I was told by other students in the program was the nicer part of town in apartment 50 on the 12th floor. This was the view from my bedroom window:


Every morning, I woke up to the whistle of the tea pot going off for my tea that she made me daily because I didn’t drink coffee. After my morning routine, I’d venture into the kitchen where there was always a bowl for cereal, a saucer for toast, a banana and a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice. There was also small canisters that held three types of cereal: frosted flakes, cocoa puffs and shredded wheats. Eventually, all it held was frosted flakes because that’s all I would eat. I’d gobble up my cereal and toast, pack my banana and a tangerine for lunch and head to class each day.

Studying abroad was definitely the best decision I ever made when it comes to really wanting to learn Spanish. I remember coming off the elevator to meet María Celia for the first time and just staring at her blankly because I didn’t know what she was saying. The classes were cool and helped my language skills, but more than anything, it was the times I spent with her talking about everything under the sun at the dinner table. That was our thing.

When I was abroad, I rode a horse for the very first time.


I traveled to Iguazú to see waterfalls for the first time. I also got sick during that trip preventing me from going horseback riding with my friends. Sad face.

I also visited the triple frontier, which is the point where Argentina, Paraguay (left) and Brazil (right) connects. How cool is that?!


When I was abroad, I celebrated my 21st birthday by taking a three-city trip. I wanted to go to Brazil, but it would have been last minute and I couldn’t’ afford for something to go wrong after spending a pretty penny even after being in the same continent.

I was literally begged for una besita (a little kiss) from a guy who wanted to be able to say he got a kiss from a girl that looked like me (brown).

And because I looked so different, people went out of their way to take photos of me most of the time without asking. It was so funny how sneaky they thought they were being. I am pretty sure I am in a couple of family albums.

I am sure I can go on, but it’s late and if I don’t stop writing now I will be late for work.

Chau! Have a great weekend!