Margaritaville and Rick’s Cafe


Two weeks before the wedding, my brother sent out a mass text saying we are doing an excursion to Rick’s Café and Margaritaville the day after the wedding. No problem.

So I am talking to my sister and she asks me if I am going.”Yes, I am going. Why wouldn’t I?” I ask unsure of the question. She informed me that Rick’s Café is where people jump off a cliff.

Huh? Willingly?

Now, we all know that I am a huuuuge punk, so I knew I wasn’t going to do it. Plus, I am not the best swimmer and given my track record, it wouldn’t be a good look. But part of me wanted to because that could be my one scary thing to do this year. I am supposed to be getting over my fears, right?

Friday comes and we meet up for breakfast in the buffet. Afterwards, most of us head to the pool to get one last swim in before the excursion because it was literally an eight hour trip. The bus was picking us up at 1 p.m, but an hour in the pool is not nearly enough time. Not to mention we wanted to eat lunch for free on the resort and I still wanted to take a shower so I wouldn’t be sitting in a wet bathing suit.

I stroll up a little late, which is cool because some people are still MIA. We are told the ride will be about 40 minutes and to pass the time, my oldest brother decides to do a good round of Shabooya Roll Call. Know it? It’s like the adult version of wheels on the bus or at least, that’s what I kept telling everyone.

For me to love working with words so much, I failed miserably. I won’t even blame it on the Jamosas I downed for lunch. It was just bad, but we kept it going and it served it’s purpose.

We made a quick stop at a gift shop and went next door to Margaritaville.

Two words: gorgeous and peaceful. It was such a nice mix between a tourist attraction and a local hangout spot. It’s on a 7 mile beach and I will gladly take that anyday.

I immediately stripped off my maxi skirt and camisole and headed to the water. I played with my niece for a while and we got the bright idea to join the boys in a friendly game of football.

I went up for a catch and my bikini top went down. All I hear is my brother screaming “Yaszy, your boobs.”

Great! Just great!

Game time over. I will nicely play at the coastline with my three-year-old nephew now.

It began to rain for all of 15 minutes so we packed up and headed to Rick’s Café. By the time we got there, there was absolutely no sign that it was just raining. It was crazy.

We get there and more than 20 people are lined up to jump off this cliff. One by one they went. Some had good jumps making the audience clap and some just went down hard and all you heard was “ooooh.”

My desire to get over my fears went right out the door. Nope. Not today. I am sooo good. I will play my part and take pictures and videos of anybody that does it.

From our group, that was a couple and two of my brothers and that was good enough for me.

Rick’s Café, it’s been good, but I doubt there will be a next time.