Channeling My Inner Hostess


I am so not a hostess with the mostest, but I really want to be.

When I had gatherings in the past, usually for family, I’d stress myself out so much over the small details, that I’d make myself sick.

Before we moved, I decided if I was going to figure out this hosting thing, the new apartment was where it was going to happen.

My love’s birthday was Fourth of July, which would have been a good reason to celebrate, but he had to work. Plus, traveling for a holiday can be a zoo so we decided it would be better for everyone to just host it this past Saturday.

I was determined to get it right this time.

I planned the menu weeks in advance, enlisted help from a friend and sent evites to friends in the area. It was going to be good. It had to be.

Everything that I was concerned about worked according to plan.

Although, there was a period when I was convinced it was going to be a total dud because I didn’t get myself together until almost 7 p.m. and nobody had arrived.

I must have been the only concerned one because my love and his friend didn’t waste any time kicking off the party by drinking the jungle juice “to make room for the pineapples.”

Side eye.




I began setting the tables with the spin dip, pasta salad, and a celery and seafood salad and before I knew it, I was walking in circles greeting people and taking orders.

I am not the most outgoing person, which is kind of a requirement for hostesses, so I made sure I was I was intentional about chatting with the guests I didn’t know.

It was nice seeing everyone enjoying themselves, but the icing on the cake was that everybody liked the food, which was my main concern. Their favorite dish was the crab pie that I just couldn’t bake fast enough.


Now that that’s over, I am ready to plan my next event and menu, of course.


  • Everything looks so yummy!

    • She’s Facing Freedom

      Thanks love! We should totally do a potluck one day!