God, I’m listening

Long before I read The Secret, I believed that “the universe” as it is stated in the book (I prefer to say God) gave me signs about what’s next for me in my life.

They weren’t always blatant and to be honest, I completely missed some. I can be oblivious at times.

But lately, I’ve searched for those signs. I’ve watched attentively and listened quietly just hoping for some clue about what I should do next.

The thing though, the signs that I do see and hear, are never quite what I thought they would be. But somehow, they always come right when I need them the most.

It seems like every time I get tired of my current work situation and begin to feel insecure about my abilities to change it, a customer goes out of their way to tell me about my service.

To ask me about my situation before wishing me well in my pursuit to make it to the Big Apple

Or a manager tells me they see something in me that is bigger and better and not to get stuck.

And without fail, it brightens my day and gives me the motivation to keep moving forward. This time, with some extra pep in my step.

Lately, I’ve been clinging to those emotions when I’ve had enough. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I’ve been feeling fed up more often these days.

I am positive that it has a lot to do with a phone interview I had with a top magazine two months ago. Though, I completely bombed it, which still stings every time I think about it, there is something so…alluring about the possibility.

In a really weird way, I feel like that opportunity, was just another sign.

I’d like to think of it as a whisper telling me to keep going. That I am capable of achieving my goals. That I am right where I need to be and to be patient yet tenacious.

And if I am right, just know, I am listening.

  • Yasss! I love this. My Godmom always tells me God meet you where you are, so I always take that to me that little coincidences that happen are God.

    Love this post.

    • “God meets you where you are.” I love that. Thanks for reading.