Sailing Along


Before moving from Delaware, I made a list of all the tourist attractions I wanted to see once I got here. On it was Times Square, the Empire State Building, but Lady Liberty was at the top of my list.

Last month, I got the chance to see her on the Spirit of New York cruise.

As we pulled away from the dock, the DJ began telling us the history of Chelsea Piers.

It was built in 1910. It was one of the first stops immigrants made before heading to Ellis Island. Also, the Titanic was supposed to arrive there just two days after it hit an iceberg in 1912.

I stared out the window intently watching the silhouette of the buildings along the Hudson. The appearance of the Colgate Clock confused me before learning that it once sat atop the Colgate-Palmolive headquarters that left the area in 1985. And I had no idea Lady Liberty was actually in New Jersey. Did you?

Before ending the tour, he said “the best ships in life are friendships.”


Of course, I thought about my love who sat across from me because I think it’s crucial to be friends first in order to have a relationship. I also thought about my other friendships as we bobbed along the water.

Some have changed over the years for one reason or another. Some due to distance. Some needed distance. Some are still evolving and I find that to be very exciting.

Truth is, I didn’t need the DJ to remind me about the importance of friendships. I’ve been thinking about that for the past year especially with my upcoming nuptials. The more I think about it, the more I am learning the necessity to be understanding in relationships.

I think that is all everyone wants. To be understood as well as accepted. I know that’s all I want.

All we want is a safe harbor. To be around people who remind us that that whatever water we are treading, it’s not that deep. We are capable. Who serve as our life vests giving us the will to stay afloat in our next opportunities and obstacles. And when it seems like we are aimlessly drifting, to serve as our anchor.

After all, we’re all just sailing along.

  • OMG! This last paragraph was so beautifully written! It came together so, so well! I loved it! Thank you for serving as an anchor at times and a safe harbor at others. I appreciate you.

    • Awww! Thanks love. I really appreciate it. Also, you have been the same things for me. I am so grateful for your friendship!