17 Ways

IMG_1367My second annual blogaversary was three Fridays ago.

April 17th.

The day before Dress Shopping Saturday.

I wanted to celebrate it the day of. I knew that I should. I even had multiple drafts ready to be published that week as a preview of what’s yet to come.

I just…I don’t know.

Truthfully, I didn’t feel worthy of celebrating.


Up until recently, there were still posts on my front page from last year. It felt almost fraudulent celebrating my ability to keep it up when I wasn’t doing a very good job.

At the time, I told myself I couldn’t write because my mind was everywhere else, but I know better.

I am a writer and as Channing says, writer’s write. It’s become one of my mantras. That and “write without explanation” and “there’s no better time than write now.”

I have been writing a lot more lately. Mostly in a green notebook I received from a natural hair care event last year. I take it out whenever it’s slow at work. I use it to remember conversations that make me go hmm and interesting people I’ve met (or spy on).

Or when a blog post idea pops in my head. I have been literally thinking in blog posts for the past couple of weeks and it feels good.

Exciting even.


Which is why I decided to celebrate it anyway. In Central Park, of course, with a small birthday party complete with a cupcake and balloons.

I am kicking off the party with 17 ways to make this space that I am creating something I feel proud of. That I believe chronicles my life and story that I am constantly transforming. That pushes me closer to the writer I hope to become.

And because this list has been in the making for far too long, I started with things that I have changed in 2015.

1. Include a related links section. I personally like reading what writers have written over the years. It gives me a good idea of how they think, who they are, and from a writing stand point, it enforces the lessons I have long forgotten.

2. Select a favicon photo. I chose the photo that is on my sidebar for the “About Me” section.

3. Add a portfolio tab. I have been freelancing since January and I have had some pretty cool experiences. I want to highlight what I have written lately. And if it will land me a job, I won’t be mad at it.


IMG_14295. Add a categories tab. As I grow this blog, I think it would be nice to have everything in a folder, in sense. I know I only read certain stories from certain writers and I want to make it easier to select just stories about my adventures in New York City, for instance.

6. Post to social media more regularly. Despite the fact that I have a blog that anybody can read, I am pretty shy when it comes to sharing my personal life. I have been trying to get over this posting more frequently, just know when I do it, part of me always hesitates.

7. Add Instagram feed to the side bar.  I love, love, love looking at other people’s photos. Whether it’s for their blogs or their every day life, it’s just cool to see how people live. Plus, number six.

8. Apply to a blogging network. I’ve been pushing myself to find more reasons to write and not just for my blog. I even entered two writing contests this year. I think it would be a cool way to gain more writing clips and nurture my creativity.

9. Restart cooking series. I have been eating so bad lately. Mostly because I haven’t been cooking and now since I have less than a year until my wedding, I want to get back to my eating healthy habits. As well as my weight  before I started working at a restaurant.

10. Define blog. This weekend, I noticed that I shy away when people ask about my blog and what I write about. That needs to change. Like right now.

IMG_1441 IMG_1438 (2)

11. Purchase business cards. The instance in number 10 as well as one on the train made me realize how important it is to have them. I can’t wait to see what designs are out there.

12. Create a scheduling system. Right now, I pretty much write every post the night before it’s scheduled. I want to get better with writing posts so that I can have it ready days or even weeks in advance.

13. Read more. In order to become a better writer, I think it’s important to read good writing. In every form.

14. More meat and potatoes. This just means that I want to write more authentically about the highs and lows in my life.

15. Interact more. In these two years I’ve learned that being a blogger is about well-written posts as well as creating a community, which is what I hope to build here.

16. Introduce more series. Perhaps a wedding series similar to this post. Would you be interested in that?

17. Post at least twice a week. This one is only last because it’s the most important. I can make all the changes I want, but if I am not consistent then it doesn’t matter


  • Yes, to more wedding posts but really, yes to everything on this list! I can’t wait to see how you and your site evolve as you check things off your list. Congrats on two years!

    • Okay. I will start brainstorming ideas. Thanks for the support. It feels so good to have a list that I can work towards. Thanks!

  • Lynecia

    Hey girl!
    You probably don’t remember me, but we met a couple summers ago at Channing’s vision board party and this blog was just an idea! You brought it to life, girl so celebrate that!!


    • Hi Lynecia! Yes, I do remember you. Girl, thank you so much. This comment nearly brought me to tears thinking about that day and this journey. You are so right. So right. Thank you so much for stopping by! How are you?