Buzz About Melovino Meadery

DSCN0428 (2)I’m so drawn to risk takers these days.

The people who intentionally change their lives to do and be something different. The dreamers who haven’t lost their what-if spirit with each passing birthday. The believers who live as they see fit despite status quo.

Despite the naysayers. Forgetting what it means to be “logical” and in most cases, leaving behind stability.

Behind a shopping mall, just past the dumpsters and beyond a black door adorned with a yellow flower and bee design, I found just that in Melovino Meadery’s owner Sergio Moutela and his team.

DSCN0411Melovino Meadery is New Jersey’s first meadery. It’s been in operation for about eight months. The name derives from latin words “mel”  meaning honey and “vino” meaning wine.

Though a small operation with just one staff member,Moutela, and  four volunteers who all have full-time jobs, they are proving quality is better than quantity.

When I arrived at the tour and tasting, Moutela was telling the group that he recently had the privilege of serving his mead at the James Beard House.

Trust me when I say it, it is a pretty big HUGE deal, which wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work.

From carrying 60 pound totes of honey and bottling approximately 8,000 bottles per tank.


By hand.

Then, labeling each one individually.

Sheesh. I am tired from just thinking about it.

But after tasting the first sip of “Sinfonia,” a traditional mead made with three types of honey, I knew exactly why there was so much buzz about Melovino Meadery.

It was clear why “Sinfonia” won a gold medal in the biggest mead competition. Meaning symphony in Portugese, it gave Melovino Meadery major bragging rights helping them win “Meadery Of The Year.”

DSCN0436 (2)

Moutela calls it the scotch of the mead world. It had a subtle sweetness with smoky undertones. I typically lean towards the sweeter wine, but I was pleasantly surprised by it’s refreshing taste.

And if you prefer sweeter wine too, I highly recommend “Berry Chic” and “Sweet Affair Hers.” They are also award-winning meads.

  • Me too! That speaks volumes that they can work 40 hours then put in additional hours there. They are believers and that’s so dope. I can’t wait to see how the company grows. Also, My Favorite Mistake was good, but it was dry and I prefer my wine sweet.