Once Upon A Time

ENGAGEMENT 1ENGAGEMENT 2Once upon a time in a land where the Nittany Lions reign,

A smooth sophomore met a sassy freshman with a unique first name.

He was polite, sweet and she liked that he offered to help with her bags,

But she didn’t know him so she walked behind vowing if he tried anything, she was going to trip his a**.

Their relationship blossomed slowly because she heard the rumors about fresh meat.


After months of Instant Messaging, she gave him her number in the computer lab in East.

They shared notes, partied together and even argued like all couples do,

But it was their relationship after graduating that served as proof.

That he was a good man that would always provide,

Even if he had to sell plasma to get by.


That he loved her fiercely and would do anything to make her smile.

That despite her nagging, he still thought she was worth the while.

That home was where she was and he wanted to be there too.

For her (and her dreams), he would even move.

And she was good woman that would support and encourage him through thick and thin.


That when all else failed, it was her he could count on through every transition.

Whether it was holding down the home front or doing something silly to make him laugh,

Cooking him a meal and when he needed to relax, running him a bath.

From a small town in Pennsylvania, Delaware to New Jersey,

The two came a long way for some kids from Philly.


It wasn’t always easy, but it was one heck of a ride.

They couldn’t be happier to have the other by their side.

They both taught and learned lessons maturing in their twenties together.

On March 10, 2016, they’ll live happily ever after.


  • OMG.
    I’m tearing up! I love that this is like a nursery rhyme that you can read to your kids (should you have them) and the photos are beautiful. She did a wonderful job.
    And okay Tracey, waves on spin!

    • Thank you. I didn’t even think about that, but I love that idea. She really did. I am blow away by the quality. Hahaha, I will tell him you gassed him. He’s going to love it. LOL!

  • Brett

    Very nice, Yaszy! Über creative, but wouldn’t expect nothing else out of you after browsing through your blog. Wish you and your betrothed many succulent years of happiness! (though I hope no more plasma has to be sold again)

    • Brett, this is such a sweet comment. Thank you sooooo much for the wishes. And don’t worry, I’m happy to report those plasma selling days are over.

      Also, thanks for stopping by 🙂