I don’t know about y’all, but I needed this three-day weekend.


I know that goes without saying, but let me explain.

Before I got my new job, I worked every. single. holiday. including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Surprisingly, New Year’s Day was the worst. I’m talking ongoing waiting lists all day long. It was so hectic, my body locked up on me. I couldn’t even walk home.

Aside from that, not only did I get a new job, but so did my love. He started a month before I did. It’s been an adjustment for the both of us.

DSCN1747Right now, he’s working nights six days a week. We knew it would be a big change when he accepted the position, but we did it before so we knew (or so we thought) what we were getting into. We tried to prepare the best that we could. Oh but honey, did we under-estimate just how hard it was going to be.

Truth is, we’re older. Our priorities have changed and quite frankly, it’s hasn’t been easy.

The most I’ve seen him in the past month was for about 10 minutes everyday. He sets his alarm faithfully at 7:15 a.m. just so he can see me before I head off to work. It’s just enough time to ask about each other’s day, wish each other a good day with a kiss before he rolls over and knocks back out.

“If not, I won’t ever see you,” he says. It’s sad, but true.

DSCN1746When I’m heading from work, he’s heading to work. When he comes in, I’m already asleep.

Needless to say, I’ve been jonesing for some quality time.

Which is why we headed to Jones Beach (get it?) on Saturday with some friends from college. Well, two were from Penn State. One went to Temple, but she was always at our school.

It made the Temple vs. Penn State game much more interesting as it played off someone’s iPhone that sat in a red cup to augment the sound. Sadly, they blew us out giving her the bragging rights to chant “TU! Temple Made!”

But it was so refreshing not to do anything. Not have to go anywhere. Just enjoy being present in each other’s company playing Pitty Pat and Kings while carefully watching the seagulls that seemed to be getting into formation to attack.

How was your Labor Day Weekend?

  • I’m sad I couldn’t come! The beach looks so clean and peaceful. I love that Tracey sets his alarm specifically to see you. That’s so sweet, I can’t take it.

    • It was very clean and it wasn’t crowded at all. Yeah, it’s such a thoughtful small gesture.