Flying High With My Eagles

20151010_163447My 28th birthday was on the sixth.

It fell on a Tuesday this year. Thirty minutes before the clock struck 12, I stepped out the shower and immediately searched for the sage Channing gave me days before. I had an interesting day and my stress-relieving body wash didn’t do a good enough job washing away what I was feeling. Plus, I didn’t want to enter my new year with negative feelings.

Still in my towel, I paced back and forth surrounding my body with the burning sage. I made sure to inhale the small herb’s smokiness as I brought it close to my face. I didn’t want to accept what I was thinking and feeling. I’ve been trying to be careful with giving power to certain thoughts.

On my actual birthday, I listened to a Joel Osteen sermon on my way to work. He told a story about a little boy who wanted to enter his three-legged dog in a prestigious dog show. Obviously, it seemed unlikely that the dog would win, but it did. And it kept winning. He went on to say, if God can take a little boy and a dog into their destiny, imagine what he’s already done for you.

Before I stepped out the car, he mentioned something about eagles gaining my full attention. It seemed like a weird transition to go from dogs to birds, but whatever. “Surround yourself with eagles. People who inspire you and elevate you,” he said. I liked the idea of calling my support system eagles, a bird that is known for its power.

When I think about it, who I am today is reflective of the eagles in my life, new and old. Each one of them has pushed me in ways unimaginable with their unwavering support. I love them a little more for the ways they show they care. Like my love who wearily waited until midnight just so he could be the first one to wish me Happy Birthday. Like friends who wished me a million stories and the courage to write them all bringing tears to my eyes. Like one who sent flowers to my job just to show she cares. And my sister who overcame her fear just so she could celebrate with me over the weekend. Her presence was probably the high of the whole weekend. The night she arrived, we cooked together reminiscing about a horrible batch of banana nut muffins we made years ago. It felt like I was home again and because I haven’t seen her in months, I needed that

This year, whatever is in store, I vowel to fly high spreading my wings as far as they will go. And should I ever forget what I’m capable of, I’m sure my eagles will guide me along the way.


  • I love this. So much! I love the idea of surrounding yourself with eagles, it’s true. That day was so much fun and I’m really glad that you had an amazing day. Can’t wait to see what 28 brings you!

    • OMG! I had a blast. The entire week, I could not believe how amazing it all was. Thanks for celebrating it with me!

  • I love this! It’s so refreshing to be around women who purposely make an effort to lift one another up instead of trying to take them down.

    • That’s so true. It gets old real quick. Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me!