Bite Lip Lab

IMG_5983I have never worn as much lipstick as I do nowadays. I never felt adult enough to wear it. When I did, it was reserved for special occasions.

That is obviously not the case anymore. I love that it makes me look older and now that I’m pushing 30 (sheesh) it seems more appropriate.

That’s one of the reasons I jumped at the chance to make my own tube at Bite Lip Lab with Channing, Serena, Channing’s mom and her mom’s best friend, Ms. Cynthia.

IMG_5959 IMG_6004

I was the first to sit with Nicole, a lip lab artist, once we finally strolled into the small lip lab. She looked edgy with platinum hair wearing a bright pink lip. Her custom-made lipstick reminded me of summer. It was the color of fruit punch, but in my mind, I called it Pink Punch. She hadn’t named it so I did.

To begin, I was asked to wipe of my Sangria-colored lipstick. I was then handed two lip applicators. One was a simple sugar scrub to exfoliate my lips. I immediately felt the difference licking off the stubborn bits of scrub that tasted like melon. That’s when I learned that Bite Lip Lab’s products are gluten-free made with all natural ingredients. The other applicator was a moisturizer made of agave. It went on thick like honey. I enjoyed moving my lips around feeling how they easily slid now since there was no more pesky pieces of dead skin hanging around.

IMG_6009 IMG_5998

Though my wine lipstick has been my go-to since the weather changed, I’ve been dying for a berry lipstick. I told Nicole so as she began mixing together the mulberry, scarlet and quince color pods. The first mixture was pretty, but too much like the lipstick I had just wiped off. I thought the second one could be a just a tad bit darker and the last one was just right. It was just dark enough to be defined as vampy, but still maintained that berry element that I was looking for.

After selecting my matte color that I secretly called Sassy after a nick name my aunt gave me when I was younger, I slid over to the scent station sniffing each glass beaker. I decided to mix the citrus mango scent with cherry. I selected one of four tube styles and within thirty minutes, my lipstick was whipped together, molded and packaged.

I suppose not much has changed because I think I might save this baby for a special occasion. And for about $45 a tube or $60 for two tubes, I will be sure to savor each application and occasion I wear it.

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  • Ahh! This was so cute. I always feel so dainty applying lipstick.

    • Sometimes, it makes me feel more confident. And definitely way more put together.