An Evening with Rekorderlig Cider

DSC_0043Nothing warms the nip in the air better than a tall glass of apple cider. There is something about the seasonal spiced drink that just embodies fall. And it is not to be confused with apple juice. I learned as much at “An Evening with Rekorderlig Cider” presented by Edible.

Minutes after arriving to the event, the company’s Global Brand Ambassador Joel Persson, briefly explained the difference. In short, apple juice is literally the watered-down version of apple cider. He went on to say that Rekorderlig Cider–which is a Swedish company–came to the United States two years ago. In addition to the Limited Edition Spiced Apple Hard Cider that was the focus of the event, the company also makes pear, passion fruit, strawberry-lime and wildberry hard ciders. He then handed the floor over to three bartenders who used the hard cider as inspiration for a new seasonal cocktail.

DSC_0008 DSC_0015

I had already eyed Michael who made shaking cocktails look like an art form. His spiced concoction with ginger, seared apples and toasted cassia bark, perfumed the air in The Noble Experiment’s tasting room where the event was held. Using a hand-held blow torch he warmed some and put others on ice showing that Rekorderlig’s Spiced Apple Hard Cider could be served hot or cold. I reached for a cold one before heading to the buffet table that featured Nordic-inspired bites including smoked lox and cream cheese hors d’oeuvres, savory cookies, a charcuterie board and a fondue.

I personally preferred a cold version that was made with Burnt Buttered McKenzie Rye Whiskey and roasted pecan bitters. It sounds weird, but it also had a slight citrus undertone that was both surprising and refreshing. Channing, who was still battling a dry cough, preferred it hot garnished with a slice of lemon to soothe her scratchy throat. Both versions were just what we needed after a long day with sporadic rain showers.

How will you take yours? Hot or Cold?DSC_0044

  • I’ll take mine hot! I want to try this in my apartment one evening.