Bacon, Avocado and Egg Breakfast Tacos

DSC_0031So there I was.

Standing in front of the refrigerator, door wide open, thinking about what to make for breakfast. I considered eggs and bacon, but for some reason I was stuck.

I don’t know about you, but eggs and bacon are typically always the same. I eat mine right off the plate with a slice of toast smeared with butter or coconut oil if I have it. My love always makes his into a sandwich of some sort. Always.

That’s when it dawned on me, why does every breakfast option get an upgrade except bacon and eggs?

DSC_0027You can make pancakes and waffles a million different ways with fruit inside. My favorites are peaches and bananas. Fruit on top. I’m a strawberry girl, but put the whip on the side. I hate that it makes my plate messy. You can make them Gluten-free, whole-wheat and the list goes on. The same is true for breakfast cereals. I’m not just talking about the difference of shaking cinnamon over your Multi-Grain Cheerios or Raisin bran, which you should totally try. But if you’re like me and grew up eating oatmeal and cream of wheat then you know that it’s no longer just about the butter and sugar. I want nuts, coconut, and possibly a teaspoon of creamer for a tropical taste. And let’s not even talk about grits. All I’m going to say is cheese and garlic. You see what I’m saying?

I had time before I went to work and my love was off so I grabbed some tortillas, sliced some avocado and sprinkled some cilantro over my fried eggs and turkey bacon. And it was just the change I needed.

The creaminess from the avocado alone gave it a different element, but that cilantro did wonders. I think it might be my new favorite herb. It’s also good on salads. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should.


How do you upgrade your eggs and bacon? Seriously, I’m dying to know.

  • Your photos look beautiful. I’m not the biggest fan of avocado (I think they taste like mush) but this looks so pretty I want to try. I love cilantro, too. I think I want to grow some in my baby kitchen with some other herbs, too.

    • Yeah, I also had to get used to avocados, but now I love them. OMG! I’ve been talking about a small herb garden for years. I hear it’s so easy to DIY. Want to make a project out of it?