Brown Butter Sage and Rosemary Zoodles


I swear my body knows when I vow to eat healthier. It seems, without fail, every time I make the decision, I always crave something that has zero nutritional value for me.

Lately, I’ve been craving pasta. Shrimp Alfredo to be exact. I can almost taste the alfredo sauce on my tongue picking up hints of garlic. You see the problem? It’s only a matter of time before I cave.


But I haven’t given in just yet. I’m still trying to eat healthier. Not as hard as I should be, but I’m staying away for now. I’ve been cooking everything else to keep my mind of it like Brown Butter Rosemary and Sage Zoodles.

One, if you’ve never used fresh herbs before, run to your nearest produce place. They make a huuuge difference in meals. Two, this recipe includes butter, (I repeat, butter) which makes everything better. Am I right?

For this recipe, I spiralized zucchini to make long strings that resembles noodles. What I love about zoodles is that the possibilities are endless. You can make different pasta dishes using different sauces. You can also use different squashes as long as they’ll fit in your spiralizer. I personally love spiralizing carrots for salads. It gives it a pop of color, which really makes a difference in pictures. I’ve even garnished tacos with them for added texture.

It’s also super easy to make taking no more than 30 minutes and it’s vegetables so that’s a double bonus.


  • 2 zucchinis
  • 1 sprig of rosemary
  • fresh sage
  • 1/2 cup of butter
  • parmesan cheese


  • Clean the zucchinis and cut off some of the skin.
  • Place the zucchinis in your spiralizer and twist until you can’t twist anymore then set aside.
  • Melt the butter in a frying pan until it’s a deep brown.
  • Place the rosemary sprig and sage into brown butter until it’s aromatic. Then, remove herbs from sauce.
  • Toss the zoodles in brown butter sauce then place.
  • Garnish the dish with sage with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.