Another Year Of Yes

Gina's Party

Two Saturdays ago marked a year since I said yes to my love.

Though I don’t remember a word he said after “there’s an important question I have to ask you,” I remember that day like it was yesterday.

I’ve gotten into the habit of replaying it in my head.

At first, it was out of disbelief.

Now, it’s my happy place. It’s something I can tap into when I am feeling blue, unsure of myself and the journey that I’m on. Or simply just want to smile.

I am positive that I will always remember that day, but what stands out most to me are the preparations my love to ensure that it remained a surprise.

I didn’t know all of them, but learning that he asked my brothers for my hand in advance, researched rings for months and willingly folded clothes just so that he could hide the box in his closet, is incredibly sweet to me.

The small detail that he couldn’t control, but also played a vital role in our engagement and the year to come, was the rain.

It rained all day that day. It rained so much that he considered postponing his proposal because the fountain that he wanted to do it, which I just saw this past weekend, wouldn’t have been on.

He told me that the next day and I couldn’t help but cite a friend who is adamant that rain means changes saying it marked key moments in her life.

From moving from Delaware to be closer to New York City, to strengthening distant relationships and having some of the most amazing opportunities ever, I think she might be on to something.

And to know that the weather was exactly the same a year later, makes me even more excited for what’s next to come.

Changes and all, whatever it may be, I am saying yes.

Yes to another year of yes.