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Langston Hughes House Harlem

Holdin’ Fast To Dreams

I was in fifth grade when I first learned about Langston Hughes. My teacher, Mrs. Whitehead, who would come to class wearing head wraps, African-print ponchos, and dangling earrings adorned with cowrie shells, was teaching us about the Harlem Renaissance. She assigned each of us a poem from the era to recite in front of the… Read More

Review: The Invisible Chef

Less than fifteen minutes after jumping the broom, my oldest brother told my husband that he wants nieces and nephews. I almost broke my neck to face him before the last syllable left his lips. I’ve discussed kids in the past, but I can’t lie, it’s something that I’ve been thinking about more these days.… Read More

Where On Earth Is…

Carmen Sandiego. Remember that show? That’s who my fiancé said I looked like when I got dressed for our late Valentine’s Day celebration. We didn’t get a chance to celebrate because I was in Philly for my Breakfast at Tiffany’s bridal shower.

A New Year Do-Over

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the above photo as you scrolled through your timeline. You probably almost ignored it until realizing you’ve felt the same way. Double take. Double tap. The truth is, I fully intended to start the New Year on the right foot. I had an idea how I wanted this year’s… Read More

Temaki Takeover

The more I learn about food, the more I am drawn to food with layers. I love a clorful dish. It’s something that I always keep in mind when I cook at home. I think it makes the dish more appealing, more appetizing and who am I kidding, just plain beautiful. But I haven’t quite conquered… Read More

A Fall Moment In Central Park

Y’all, I’ve decided. Central Park is my favorite place in New York City. Despite how many times I’ve been there for one celebration or another, it never gets old. It will forever serve as a reminder that I’ve made it. Of what it feels like to follow your dreams despite the uncertain journey. I tell… Read More