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Blogs I Love

Prompt: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them So the prompt calls for five, but I only have three favorite blogs and I know you will fall for them too. It is a style blog written by the adorable Channing who began blogging as a way to follow her heart… Read More

Childhood Memory

Prompt: Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt. When I thought about this prompt, I thought I was going to talk about activities I did as a child. I never thought that this prompt would lead me where I am about… Read More

My Favorite Photo

Prompt: A favorite photo of yourself and why If starting this blog has taught me anything, it’s that I really need to take more photos by myself. I have been searching high and low for a photo to show when I comment, but the task has been very daunting. If I had to pick one,… Read More

Blog Everyday in May

Guess what? In my pursuit to get this blogging thing down, I stumbled upon this writing challenge and I want to do it. I am about two weeks late, but I think it could be fun. Today’s prompt is: Something difficult about your “lot in life” and how you’re working to overcome it Lately, I… Read More

Happy Mother’s Day

Yesterday, I went to the graduation party of a college friend’s mom who received her Bachelor’s degree. During her thank you speech, she spoke about the sacrifices and conscious decisions she made in order to raise her family. She also spoke about the challenges she had in order to have my friend as a teenage… Read More

GOing APE in Maryland

If you knew me in real life, you would know that I am a big punk. I am not adventurous or an outdoorsy type of girl. So when one of my college friends said she wanted to do a bunch of physical activities for her birthday, I looked at her like ‘who is really going… Read More

Struggling With Pride

I will admit it, I am prideful. Too often, I would rather do it alone and struggle than ask for help when I clearly need it. I realized this during a conversation with a close friend about wanting to create my blog. At the time, I didn’t have the money for the fees and wasn’t… Read More