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Sweet As Ice Wine

I’m ashamed to say this, but as close as Canada is, there is so much I just didn’t know about it before vacationing there. Like the fact that Quebec is the largest maple syrup producer in the world. Or that Canada produced maple syrup at all. I kept wondering why there were so many maple products… Read More

A Smaller New York

Yesterday marked a year since I moved to New Jersey. Where did time go? Seriously. I remember the moment I decided to make the big move. I considered it for months, but up until that point, it was just a thought. A distant dream.

Sailing Along

Before moving from Delaware, I made a list of all the tourist attractions I wanted to see once I got here. On it was Times Square, the Empire State Building, but Lady Liberty was at the top of my list. Last month, I got the chance to see her on the Spirit of New York cruise.… Read More

Like Old Times

When I suggested to visit my brother and his family in New Hampshire, it really was about them. Yeah, I wanted to be able to say I’ve been there because I mean, how many people can say that? What do you even do in New Hampshire? Seriously. I got the same question when I lived… Read More

View From The 86th Floor

Haaaaah! Excuse me while I take in this amazing view from the 86th floor of The Empire State Building. That’s where I took my mom when she came to visit me. No ice skating, again, but after seeing this view, we didn’t care. Isn’t it just everything? No lie, I would have stayed there all… Read More

When You Try New Things

A couple of weeks ago, my mom came to visit me. The thought of it still has me beaming. Here’s the thing. My mom is not the adventurous type. Sound familiar? We both know it’s a problem. She tells me “you can’t let fear control your life.” And I say the same can be said… Read More

Back To The Basics

I don’t know if it’s because I am getting older or all the changes I have gone through in the last year, but I miss real conversations. Not “just checking in” texts, but actual person-to-person conversations about what’s really going on in each others lives. I miss supportive talks discussing dreams for the future hoping… Read More

Finding My Strength

There I was. Standing behind groups of women decked out in matching outfits including pink tutus and wigs and for a second, I forgot the reason I was there. I forgot that I wanted to do the Shape Diva Dash as a way to push myself. I forgot that I chose the October 11th date… Read More

Little Italy’s San Gennaro

When I decided to eat at Umberto’s Clam House in Little Italy, I chose it over the other restaurant selections because I thought it would be a nice intimate setting. I was having dinner with a college friend and was hoping to catch up uninterrupted. Unbeknownst to us, a full-fledged Italian festival was going on… Read More