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Video Review: The Graze Box

Last Wednesday, I informed you guys how hard it was to find snacks that help me stick with my healthier lifestyle goals. I also mentioned weak moments where I eat whole bags of chips and far too many doughnut holes. While I am happy to report this week was better, I decided to continue the… Read More

Homemade Apple Chips

I am really trying my best to live a healthier lifestyle. I stopped eating meat. I drink vegetable and fruit smoothies almost everyday. I seriously cannot drink enough water. I try to eat foods that positively fuel my body. I have even tried to decrease how much I snack. But sometimes, I just can’t fight… Read More

Crab Bites

Some time in December, my coworkers and I had a small Christmas party pot-luck style. The company organized one for us, but it was like at eight in the morning, which didn’t make any sense to us at all. Anyway, we all decided to bring something in. I made my vegetable lasagna because one of… Read More

Meatless Meatballs

Somewhere in between the freezer aisles and the deli section, I decided that I needed meatless meatballs in my life. At that point, I had never seen them or even knew if it was possible, but if it was, it had to be done. About twenty minutes later with my feet hurting from my heels… Read More


I decided a long time ago, If I couldn’t change something, I would be the best at it that I could. That was my take on my stay-at-home girlfriend situation. I couldn’t stop cleaning and I definitely couldn’t stop cooking, well, because we had to eat. But what I could change is how enjoyable it… Read More