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Crab Pie

When I first stopped eating meat, it seemed as if I was looking for reasons to eat it again. It definitely wasn’t intentional, but maybe subconscious. Every time an event or something was coming up, I’d get nervous and question what I was going to eat there. I didn’t want to quit my challenge, but… Read More

Two Months and Counting

I am still going strong not eating meat, but I have to say, it’s getting harder each week. The boyfriend started eating meat again so it’s been a little difficult smelling a delicious cheese pizza we ordered for dinner and his side of Parmesan Garlic wings. Boo. Or waking up to the nice aroma of… Read More

The Meatless Challenge

“I want to stop eating meat for a week,” the boyfriend said. That was about two weeks ago and I haven’t eatten meat for an entire week even when I stayed in Philly over the weekend. I packed myself some lunch and dinner just in case my family’s food choices couldn’t accommodate the challenge. It… Read More