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Dear Yaszy

It’s high school reunion time. I received my invitation to a happy hour scheduled for next month this past Friday. It was sent two days after I would have graduated 10 years ago. Yikes! That, coupled with the fact that my little brother graduated that same week (Go Zay!), got me thinking.

Toronto Tale

If a day trip to Toronto taught me anything, it’s that you just can’t plan everything. And as much as I hate planning, I really tried. Here’s the thing. Toronto is an hour and a half from Niagara Falls, which isn’t a bad drive, ahem, ride. That is, unless you get caught in traffic and… Read More

Niagara Falls

You know what I love about Groupon? It makes far-fetched, distant and sometimes even wacky experiences possible.There is something about realizing an adventure is in your budget. That’s what happened with my recent vacation to Canada. One day, I was browsing the app saying how I’ve always wanted to see Niagara Falls. My love agreed… Read More

Sweet As Ice Wine

I’m ashamed to say this, but as close as Canada is, there is so much I just didn’t know about it before vacationing there. Like the fact that Quebec is the largest maple syrup producer in the world. Or that Canada produced maple syrup at all. I kept wondering why there were so many maple products… Read More

The Journey I’m On

Three Fridays ago, I went home to Philly. It was the first time I’d been back since Christmas. Time flies. The morning of, I was so excited, I was dressed before my love and that never happens. Ever. The only reason I am writing it now is to serve as proof that it happened once. Take… Read More

A Smaller New York

Yesterday marked a year since I moved to New Jersey. Where did time go? Seriously. I remember the moment I decided to make the big move. I considered it for months, but up until that point, it was just a thought. A distant dream.

Buzz About Melovino Meadery

I’m so drawn to risk takers these days. The people who intentionally change their lives to do and be something different. The dreamers who haven’t lost their what-if spirit with each passing birthday. The believers who live as they see fit despite status quo. Despite the naysayers. Forgetting what it means to be “logical” and in most… Read More

In The Name Of Love

This is going to sound weird. But. As happy as I am to marry my love, up until I found my dress, I felt, well, really lonely. It’s a very strange thing, I know. It’s almost hard to write because I never expected to feel that way. Especially because everyone says it’s the happiest time… Read More

17 Ways

My second annual blogaversary was three Fridays ago. April 17th. The day before Dress Shopping Saturday. I wanted to celebrate it the day of. I knew that I should. I even had multiple drafts ready to be published that week as a preview of what’s yet to come. I just…I don’t know.