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View From The 86th Floor

Haaaaah! Excuse me while I take in this amazing view from the 86th floor of The Empire State Building. That’s where I took my mom when she came to visit me. No ice skating, again, but after seeing this view, we didn’t care. Isn’t it just everything? No lie, I would have stayed there all… Read More

When You Try New Things

A couple of weeks ago, my mom came to visit me. The thought of it still has me beaming. Here’s the thing. My mom is not the adventurous type. Sound familiar? We both know it’s a problem. She tells me “you can’t let fear control your life.” And I say the same can be said… Read More

It Was All A Dream

I have been feeling a little down lately. Unsure of myself more than usual and quite frankly, scared that I uprooted my whole life for nothing. I explained this much to Channing telling her I just wasn’t sure anymore. I once felt so confident about wanting to write for a publication that taught people the… Read More

Another Year Of Yes

Two Saturdays ago marked a year since I said yes to my love. Though I don’t remember a word he said after “there’s an important question I have to ask you,” I remember that day like it was yesterday. I’ve gotten into the habit of replaying it in my head. At first, it was out… Read More

Dear Diva

I know my hair looks weird in your tiny hands. To be honest, my hair also looks weird in bigger hands and blowing all over my head, too. Or at least, that is what some people think. And as hard as it is to write this to you, that’s what they’ll think about your hair… Read More

God, I’m listening

Long before I read The Secret, I believed that “the universe” as it is stated in the book (I prefer to say God) gave me signs about what’s next for me in my life. They weren’t always blatant and to be honest, I completely missed some. I can be oblivious at times. But lately, I’ve… Read More

Quinoa Granola Bars

I must be getting old because I am slowly turning into that crazy person who wants to know how everything is made. The more I take control of my health, the more I question if what I thought was healthy for me really is. Let’s take granola bars for instance. I’ve loved them since grade… Read More

Food: My Unscripted Love Letter

My entire life, I have searched for the right words to complete my thoughts, a poem, or more recently, a blog post. Words soothe me. They’ve taken me on trips to faraway places and given insight into other people’s inner thoughts. More personally, when written, they’ve given me the courage to say the things that… Read More