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Write Through It

I’m trying really hard to be a woman who practices what she preaches. To take my own advice and write through it. That’s what I told Channing when she felt the way I’ve been feeling. She described it best. “I feel like the literal embodiment of a shrug,” she said during one of our weekly catch-up sessions.… Read More

17 Ways

My second annual blogaversary was three Fridays ago. April 17th. The day before Dress Shopping Saturday. I wanted to celebrate it the day of. I knew that I should. I even had multiple drafts ready to be published that week as a preview of what’s yet to come. I just…I don’t know.

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope your Independence Day was as good as mine. In addition to celebrating this great country’s birthday, I was also trying to ensure my significant other enjoyed his birthday. We are going to officially celebrate it tomorrow and I can not wait. It’s a surprise, but I think he is really going to like… Read More