Guest Blogging Taught Me to Listen to my Voice

When I decided to be a writer in middle school, I knew that I would be writing someone else’s story.

I never thought that I would be writing my story so soon. I definitely wanted to write about my life, but that was a goal for later in my life, you know.

So when I was asked to guest blog for the White Picket Fence blog about millenials and feeling entitled, I didn’t know what to write.

I was excited about the opportunity, but stumped.

Everything that came to mind didn’t seem insightful enough. I mean I had just learned what millenials was a couple of months ago and literally had to Google it to make sure I understood the concept.

The assignment shouldn’t have been so difficult or taken as nearly as long as it did because it was my opinion. It was based on my experience and I was still lost.

That is when I realized that I have to trust my voice.

Whatever came to mind, I had to just write and see where it went because I could look at similar posts all I wanted, but it wouldn’t help. Those words are characteristic to the author’s voice and story. Not mine.

I listened to my voice,told my truth and really liked what I wrote.

You can read my interpretation of millenials and entitlement here.