Happy Fourth of July!

fireworks 2

I hope your Independence Day was as good as mine.

In addition to celebrating this great country’s birthday, I was also trying to ensure my significant other enjoyed his birthday. We are going to officially celebrate it tomorrow and I can not wait. It’s a surprise, but I think he is really going to like what I have brewing.

We enjoyed the day by heading to two cook outs – one for his family and one for mine. My family’s gathering was an All-American cookout complete with old-school Coca-Colas in glass bottles, Cracker Jack popcorn and those firework snappers that pop when you throw them on the ground. Remember those? The kids were running around throwing them and water balloons. It was so nice to see how the simplest things made the kids smile like sparklers and fireworks from Target.

This holiday also gave me the perfect opportunity to reflect on what it means to be an American, which is something I have never thought about before. My friends over at White Picket Fence asked me to write for their blog again and I will admit, it took some time to define what it means to me to be an American.

For me, it’s always just been a place that me and my family lived. I never thought about all the benefits of living here until I overheard stories about how others live. You can read about it here.

How was your Independence Day? What is your definition of being American?