How Blogging Is Changing Me

A month after I started this blog, I was frantically looking for ideas about what to write. I knew it was time to finally commit to blogging, but I still hadn’t figured out my niche or my voice. That is when I stumbled upon this blog and participated in it’s Blog Everyday In May Challenge.

The same blog is doing another blogging challenge this month and while I have decided not to participate, I looked at the prompts and immediately saw two that piqued my interest.

Today’s prompt: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you

If blogging has taught me anything it’s that it is okay to share yourself with others. My whole life, I have been a private person and blogging has challenged the necessity of it. Yeah sure it’s scary not knowing how people will perceive what you write or your life, but I am learning to focus more on what I think and feel.

Some of my best posts (here, here, and here) have been things that I have been too scared to say out loud. Things I thought nobody knew about me and how could they if I never shared them. And even though I hesitated each time before I hit the publish button, afterwards, I felt like a weight had lifted off of me. It was not only soothing to finally get it out, but it allowed me to move on. Move on from the hurt, the pain, the confusion and whatever else I was feeling.

Blogging has made me more observative to my thoughts, feelings and my surroundings. I am always thinking and looking for new content to write and it’s extremely exciting. It is not something you just know, you really do have to be on the lookout so I have stumbled upon all of these great books and blogs that affirms and challenge my own thoughts about life and how it should look. It is really quenching my thirst for knowledge and I love it.

It has also made me more optimistic about the possibilities for the future. Many of you know about my struggles with work and I am sure you have your own, but just seeing how much blogging has changed the lives of the women’s blogs I read faithfully, is astounding. I thought life had to consist of the typical 9-5 and for many of the women whose lives I love reading about, they do have a typical job. Some found their job through their blog and some found another passion through it. They are redefining what it means to be bloggers, but most of all, they are redefining what it means to be…them. And I find that to be so inspirational.

But it’s hard to talk about how I have changed without thinking about how I hope to change. I hope to become more confident in my writing abilities and not fear speaking out on issues that speak to me . I hope that it will push me to become more business-minded on the way I run this site and other writing opportunities. I hope to continue to be vulnerable every once and a while to share myself with you guys. And I hope to finally get down social media because let’s face it, in this day and age, it’s a necessity.

How has blogging or social media changed you?

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