The Journey I’m On

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Three Fridays ago, I went home to Philly. It was the first time I’d been back since Christmas.

Time flies.

The morning of, I was so excited, I was dressed before my love and that never happens.


The only reason I am writing it now is to serve as proof that it happened once. Take that.


Even though it’s still a thirty minute drive from my aunt’s house, it always feels like I made it home when I see the skyline peeking in the distance. I suddenly have an infatuation with them including New York’s.

But seeing Philly’s especially after having been gone for so long, is comforting. I always get antsy right at that moment instantly tired of being in the car just so I can get home to see my family.

As we drove down Broad Street, I realized how much I missed being in the city. I might not know all the neighborhoods well, but I know the character, if that makes sense. It’s familiar and when you’ve bounced around as much as I have, familiarity is necessary.

Right around the time we passed my love’s neighborhood, I began thinking about the journey I’m on. How I got here. In this mind frame and the decisions and places that shaped me.

It’s funny because I usually think about how I got here with a hint of negativity. Like when I was upset that I’d become a cashier. And more recently a server. Again.

DSCN0513 (2)But that day, I gave it serious thought. I thought about the grit of the city highlighted by beautiful murals on what seems to be every corner in North Philly.

Say what you will, but being raised in a city prepares you for the real world. It ain’t always pretty, but neither is life.

And as we drove to Delaware where we were staying for the night, I thought about every place we lived and how much I’ve changed because of those places.

In Reading, I’d never been so low. I never knew struggle until I lived there, which was right after I graduated college. It was an extremely rough and dark period, but it’s where I learned what it means to be strong. To be diligent and faithful in my pursuits.

Delaware is where I learned to let go of the excuses that were holding me back. It’s where I got the courage to start this blog and where I decided to order my steps to move to New York.

I made it to New Jersey. That’s close enough.

For now.

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As I sat on the patio of the hotel directly across the street from the apartment we moved from less than a year ago, I felt grateful for this journey, how I got here and where I’m from.

Though Philly will always be my city, I know that I wouldn’t be who I am today had I not lived in those other cities. I’d like to think they changed me for the better.

  • I love your hair! It looks so pretty! I love that you are able to chart all of your growth here, since I’m sure as you’re changing you don’t feel it.

    • Thanks! It is nice. It will be nice to look back on this a year from now. I am looking forward to it.

  • I was just thinking of visiting Philly. it is a beautiful place. You’re growing everyday beautiful! Come to NYC you’ll love it!

    • You should! Like NYC, there is so much to do. We just don’t have the same hours. Thanks love! Also, thanks for stopping by!