Weddington Way

IMG_6315When it came to looking for my bridesmaids’ dresses, I tried the traditional route. I set up an appointment at a major dress store with one of my bridesmaids.

As I waited for her to get off work, I browsed over the color organized racks paying close attention to the colors and fabrics. You guys, I wanted to find something, I really did, I just couldn’t. Everything was cheap, flimsy and had the nerve to be expensive. Or at least, more expensive than I thought the dresses should be. After all, they probably were only going to wear it once.

Everyone told me my expectations were too high and my budget was too low. But I just knew that I could find affordable dresses that not only looked good, but made my bridal party feel good. That’s exactly what I got ordering from Weddington Way, the San Francisco-based digital wedding brand for millennial women.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about ordering dresses on-line. How was it going to fit? Was the material going to look like the other dresses I’d seen? Would it arrive in enough time to send back if they didn’t like them? I thought about it all using the reviews to guide me. I’m glad I did.

My bridal party received their dresses two weeks ago. After I’d seen each one had been delivered through the tracking service set up in my showroom, I sent each one a text asking what they thought. My sister who is my maid-of-honor said “It’s quality. It looks expensive.” Her dress is slightly different than the rest of the party, but that’s not bad for a dress that was less than $115. My matron-of-honor said “I love the color there’s more ways to wear it than I thought.” They all raved about the garment bag in which their dresses were packaged. I’m kind-of jealous I don’t have one.

And while I’m happy we finally found a dress, I was extremely impressed with Weddington Way’s customer service. Each time I called (and I called multiple times), I was always greeted by a real person. Not those stupid automated services. I was so taken back the first time, I stumbled over my words trying to explain why I was calling. The representatives were not only polite, but extremely knowledgeable. One knew exactly what color dress to reference when I asked her about the convertible dress my bridesmaids selected. When my fabric swatch was sent out, a sweet note was included saying the company is honored to be apart of my wedding. Also, throughout the entire process, stylists reached out asking if we had any questions or needed assistance with selecting dress sizes. All those small details including the fact that my girls received their dresses in less than a month made the process super easy.

For all the soon-to-mrs (and bridesmaids) deciding on dress options, I highly recommend skipping the tried and true and doing it the Weddington Way.

p.s. This is not a sponsored post. Ordering from Weddington Way really did make the dress shopping experience less stressful.

  • That’s so sweet about the note! They really have been super helpful!

    • I know! I was really impressed by their attention to detail with everything. I feel like this was the best option for us because everyone lives in different states.